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Meet Our Associate


Our Associate

We thought it would be a great idea for you get to know our Associate Team a little better!

Our Associates accompany us from time to time on some of our regular shoots, but more often you will see them with us at weddings and elopements!

If one of us sisters is ever unavailable for a wedding, our Associates will fill in with the other sister to ensure we always have two photographers at our weddings.

Meet Amanda below!


Meet Amanda

Hi, I’m Amanda! Aries here, coming in hot! Passionate, motivated, upbeat & I love to have fun.

Fun fact, these gemini sisters are my best friends, and I’ve known them for well over a decade. I’m very excited to be apart of Gemini Photography as an Associate Photographer for these amazing ladies!

Before my great love for photography took over, I had the pleasure of helping special needs children through learned skills in Applied Behavior Analysis. I have a degree in Psychology with a focus on child and family studies and have enjoyed staying home with my own little one as he grows throughout the years.

When I’m not surrounded by children, I enjoy reading a good Stephen King novel, watching The Office, or going for a hike outdoors with my son and husband. I love binge watching some old fashioned trashy TV, and I love me a good murder documentary. I’ll never turn down a good time with friends for some laughs and memories, and I'll never turn down a good taco! I love music and all things awkward.

I’m already excited to meet you! Let’s take some awesome photos and have some great laughs.

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