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Meet the Geminis

Two sister Geminis with a passion for unique and nontraditional storytelling. Not to brag, but... We've been told countless times we are the ultimate hype women.


Sandra - The May Gemini

Hi, I'm Sandra! Not only am I a May Gemini, but I'm also a cusp baby (born on the first day of the Gemini season). I figured it would be cool if you got to know me a little better since we'll be working together.

I've been an entrepreneur for 6+ years now, and I also own Morning Coffee Marketing Inc. I have always had a strong creative vision and love bringing that to life through my photos and sets!

Personally, I love to laugh, and I love to make others laugh. If there's a comedy on TV, I'm probably watching it. The Office is hands-down my favorite. I am a jokester, so be prepared to smile and have a great time when you're shooting with me!

I also enjoy all things strange and quirky; I'm a HUGE Stephen King fan and love reading the horror genre in general. I love working with brands, creatives, adventurous couples, high school seniors, pets, and honestly...just so much more. And I adore a good editorial vibe.

If you want to feel at ease and like you're with a friend during your session, then just reach out and let's book something cool!


Nichole - the June Gemini

Hello! I 'm Nichole, the older sister and the June Gemini. I thought it would be great if you got to know me!

My passion for photography began when I bought my first camera at 17 years old! I took photos of everything I possibly could, and I was usually dragging Sandra right there along with me! Of course, life happens, and while I still picked up my camera now and then, I focused on college, getting married, and becoming a mother.

It wasn't until after I had my son, that I realized how quickly the time flies with little ones. I wanted to slow down and kiss those chubby cheeks, and listen to those baby laughs forever. It meant more to me than it ever had, to take photos every chance I could, and document every moment we had. In the blink of an eye, my true passion and love for photography was rekindled!

There are so many special moments in our lives that go by so fast, and I'm here to put those precious memories into a lasting photograph. From maternity, senior pictures, engagements, lifestyle newborns, and everything in between... I want to capture YOUR special moments.

Something you have to know about me is I'm one to have FUN! I want to dance and laugh and joke and have as much fun as possible every day, and I always bring that energy when I'm at a shoot!

I'm the ULTIMATE hype woman and I want you to feel like you're hanging out with a friend!

If you wanna hangout and document some incredible moments at the same time, lets book something!

The "why" Behind Our Brand

Gemini Photography is about so much more than two sisters who just so happen to both embody the Gemini zodiac sign. As sisters, we naturally have a lot in common, and yet we fully embrace our individuality. Together, we make one heck of a team!

The duality of the Gemini sign is a driving force in all that we do and offer our clients. You can book with one of us or both of us, and we love it that way! It allows us to truly focus on the creative energy that we love and that drew us to photography.

We are both strong creatives, and we are confident we can make your vision come to life! We can't wait to get to know YOU better, too.


May this be the start of a

Beautiful Friendship

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