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Planning Your Photoshoot Outfits

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Some of our most-asked questions center around outfits! From color schemes to textures, we've been asked quite a bit. So, we put this little guide together just for you! Read on below for suggested colors, garments, and places to shop.


Compliment, Don't Match.

Our main piece of advice when it comes to color schemes, especially if your session involves more than just YOU in the images, is to COMPLIMENT colors and not match colors.

So here's an example of what that means: Your partner is wearing blue jeans. Rather than wearing a (similar hue) blue dress or jeans yourself, you would want to find a color that compliments the blue jeans (perhaps a sage green, navy blue, or khaki). You can also try to find garments that have details or patterns that incorporate the color of the blue jeans.

Choosing Colors.

For choosing colors in general, much of this will depend on you and your personality. If you are going for a bold and more vibrant look, we love to suggest oranges like rust, yellows like mustard, blues like royal, and reds! If you prefer a more neutral look, you can stick to blue jeans, khakis and tans/beiges/browns, grays, whites, and navy blue.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your outfits is LOCATION. Will your location have a lot of greenery? Choose a color that will pop among the greens. Will it have a lot of blues? Find those colors that stand out, not blend in!


Try to avoid any busy or bold patterns. If you do want some patterns, we suggest florals or plaids. Otherwise, solid colors are your best bet!


And the very last thing to consider... The occasion! Is this photoshoot for something special, like an engagement? Then choosing more classic colors like white, black, gray, and khaki might be ideal. But again, the colors are ultimately up to YOU and what you want to wear!


Dresses, Skirts, & Jumpsuits:

Family Outfits:

Dress Like Mommy (they have dad outfits too!)

Button Downs:

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